High School Days

High School Career

High school is a time when I hoped to discover myself. I was in clubs like the Black Student Union, basketball team, football team, track and field (for a day), swimming team, medical student club and academy, and accelerated credits for college. It is a different experience from college itself, and I still remember my high school career like it is nothing. I remember when I first walked onto the campus, so excited about transitioning from junior high to high school. I was no more a little kid taking P.E. (physical education) classes and all these other courses. I know what a big kid taking P.E. classes, performing in marching band, playing with other bigger kids, and having a great time. It is nice being the underdog in the high school, with the older kids recognizing that you are the lifeblood of the campus, while they get ready to become the lifeblood of their university campus, job, business, or non-profit organization.

When I was fresh into high school, I was starry-eyed, eager to take on the next step in life, because it was what I was supposed to do. It was the next step in me becoming the phenomenal doctor that I need to be. It was what my parents told me to do. It does not mean it was right or wrong. I need to emphasize that going to school is something my parents drilled into me when I was a young youth, and of course my parents knew no wrong. I listened to their suggestions. After all, what was I to do if I did not go to school? I would being doing nothing and would surely not be growing as much as I would be when I was at school. I appreciate my parents’ preaching when it came to education first and to stay in school to be safe and secure. If I did not go to school, how would I stay alive? How would I become a great person? What would I do? Would I just be playing video games all day? These are the questions my parents asked, and these are questions that needed legitimate answers. At the end of the day, my parents made the right choice of having me go to school as a requirement, because I met amazing friends, learned interesting subjects that I do not use in my real life applications, and learned how to think critically in those classes that did not offer much real life application.

High school is a time of great development to become a great thinker. It teaches you to think in an analytical way, a comprehensive way, and not in a financial way. They teach arithmetic and multiplication and exponential formulas, and do not teach how to become wealthy with that knowledge. They may mention interest and investing, although it is not emphasized as being important. It is mentioned as just something that is there, because of requirements to code and rules and regulations.