Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is High School?


This is a question we usually receive from those who are not living in the United States of America, because four years of high school is the normal in the United States of America. For some countries, high school in the United States of America correlates to secondary school or post-elementary school.

High school is a classification of school in the United States of America that occurs with students of that are usually between the ages of 13-19, based on ages of average high school students. High school is composed of four years of study, and the average age of students who compose the high school body are of 13-19. This does not mean there is seven years of high school, as the numbers suggest. High school is composed of

  • Year 1 – Freshman Year
  • Year 2 – Sophomore Year
  • Year 3 – Junior Year
  • Year 4 – Senior Year


Why Do You Emphasize High School?


High school is the point where people really find out the type of people they are and are able to pick out a destiny to work towards (like going to medical or law school). When you are in high school, you can pick where you want to end up in life, and we are amazed by those who pick the entrepreneurial lifestyle.