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Standards of Today for High School

Standards of Today for High School


Today’s high school teaches people very interesting courses, such as algebra and English. They teach the basic fundamentals of how to survive in the world. You need to know basic math of how to add and multiply. You need to know about exponents, and about basic skills to be able to do some interesting things in society. You are responsible for giving the best version of yourself to the world, so it is important to spend your time doing well in school. You may as well succeed while you are in school. It will be an utter waste of time if you blow your education, because you are spending your time doing it. A great man named Tai Lopez said in a video that it would be a foolish move to spend four years in college and not take advantage of it. This man has made many, many millions of dollars, and did not finish college I believe. I do not even know if he even finished high school, yet he has college graduates that wish to work for him. He does not believe the education system is as great as it could be, and he is sure that if you do spend your time and money going to school, you may as well succeed in it. It is quite pointless to waste four years of your life doing nothing great or spectacular.


In today’s society and today’s world, leaving high school in order to go to college, so you can be a great member of the workforce is a great way to keep yourself at a job for 40 years, which is the point of college. I do not know if it designed to create people that can create on their own, so we can advance ourselves and not rely on the government, or if it meant to design worker bees who cannot read a book without the pressure of class or school to force them to. I personally enjoy reading and listening to books that speak on becoming a better person, so that I can learn to question others and think on my own. Even though this works for scientists that seek to question norms, I am talking about leaving the system and creating my own system, similar to the Rockefellers and Carnegies and people who changed the face of the world. I do not wish to emulate the negative aspects of it; I want to think big, just like they did.


When going to high school, I did not aspire to become the best at a single subject. I did not wish to become the best physics wiz in the country or the smartest math wiz in the country. I did not become the smartest physics wiz or math wiz in the country. I did score A’s in both classes. Now, this is not to say that I set myself for failure. This is to say that I did not want to excel to great levels in those fields. I want to excel to great levels in fields like business and personal development, which is really not offered in schools, especially high school. I learn what it means to be a great worker bee in school, not really much of an independent thinker.


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High School Dilemmas

High School Dilemmas


When you are in our school, you tend to have many options are thrown at you. You have professors not want your time, so they can help you become a better college applicants, and you have those who are athletically gifted, posing great potential to become a professional player of their sport. You have people that are both athletically and academically gifted, who end up getting chosen at the top universities, because of their prowess in both areas and fields! You have those were excellent mathematics and know how to run a five second 40 m dash. You have those that are basically valedictorians after high school and are doing exceptionally well in basketball. You have those that have the mind when I national academic competition and then break a record for swimming, which gives rise to those students who are great in two areas in high school!


Where the Dilemma Starts


In the dorm alternately starts when there’s a student that is great out to Fields and wonders which field to pursue. You can be great in academic life and be great and I feel like a wife, and it is usually hard to continue to pursue both of them. It is definitely possible to be both an academic and great at sports, like educated basketball players and extremely athletic scientists. The conundrum maybe even some people may want to pursue one thing full-time and give their energy to them one career full-time. There is nothing wrong with that, even though we emphasize that you can put your mind to things if you really want to. You can be a flourishing academic and a rising athletic star, provided you put the time and energy to make both of those careers blossom.


Possibilities of Two


There are usually one of two possibilities for people who have to deal with this situation. Usually, it is pursue both of them and end up with only one of them, or it is drop want to pursue your other full-time. The problem with this type of thinking is that it usually tends to go with a scarcity mentality. It makes it seem as though there is not enough to go around, so you have to pick one area that will be denoted to be just play and the other one will be your future serious career. Even though it may seem to make sense, we believe that you can make both of them full-time if you truly believe you can make the time for.


The thing is you can become adept both of them. It is not smart to just be a basketball star and I know anything about the world around you, and it is all so pitiful to just be a serious academic that doesn’t know how to be physically fit. You need to be able to encompass what makes you you and not sacrifice parts of yourself because you believe in scarcity. You don’t compromise with yourself, so make sure that you keep what makes you a happy person, and find a way to make sure that you can have both sides of the corn instead of only having one side. You will have your cake and eat it too.


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New Things Learned in High School

New Things Learned in High School


In high school, I learned many things that are currently crucial to my success. I learned what it meant to become a hard-working student that was supposed to work hard, so I could make the United States of America a stronger and better country. My patriotism meter swelled high, because I knew I was meant to be something. As I continued to grow and watch my patriotism meter swell, I eventually saw it naturally dwindle as I saw my teachers and professors eventually lose enthusiasm for the pride they had for the country. Yes, they were able to say it and speak about patriotism. They just never had that enthusiasm that they were contributing to the world in an impactful way, which is the whole point of living life, to leave it better than it was left.


This type of dreaming is usually left to the big dreamers. As I said in my previous post about becoming something special in high school, I realized that many people end up becoming something small when they grow up. They do not build giant skyscrapers that employ thousands of people or build a plumbing company that employs twenty families and provides life insurance for them. In essence, many people I speak to eventually become small people with small dreams and small realities. These people eventually become something that is not at all admirable or respectable. They become people that just want to suck off of the Social Security nipple.


Many people become successful, and we know that. Many people do become amazing after they graduate high school These people become valedictorians, become doctors, and eventually contribute to society as huge success stories. Many of these so-called special people eventually become the average people of the world who get jealous at all the successful people in the world. We are confident there are many people who believe that going to high school is the only way to secure their future, and I for the most part agree with that. After all, if you do not go to high school, what will you inevitably do with your life? If you do not have a plan or a business plan or something that dictates what you will do with your life, as high school does, then you should stay in school. The last thing you need to do is mess with your future with no signs to guide you on your road trip to who-knows-where.


With many people, I say to follow your heart in a cold business-savvy way. There is no point to drop out of school to become a poet (like rappers, who are poets), just because you want to be a poet. You want to make an impact on the world, correct? If you want to, do it by becoming something in the world and by having a plan that will take you there. Have you ever heard of someone building a house with no plan? You most likely would not live in that house, if it ever got finished at all. We advise you do the same with your life.


If you do not plan with your life, your life will be ruined and will be a waste. Just Google the amount of failures in the world, and it will surprise you. There are many people with potential, and if they do not use it, it will be taken from them and given to those who do have the guts to use it. Why waste your time and your potential when you can use them both? Why live in dreams when you can live in reality? After all, make your dreams a reality, and you will be able to live in both in happiness. As usual, God (Jesus) comes first.