Dreams of High School Students

Dreams Shot as Children

According to Merriam-Webster, dreams are a “series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during sleep”.

Many people want to do something meaningful with their life. They want to do something that is so spectacular that the world just needs to give them recognition with their work. In essence, this is mainly what people want, a feeling of recognition and attention. It does not need to be on a global scale; it does, however, need to be on some scale, whether by family, religious group, or the country. Lebanon has some people that are recognized as national heroes, because they led the country to independence in 1943. Catholics recognize the pope as a worldwide leader for his contributions.


Throughout history, people recognize different groups and organizations as national heroes, worthy of recognition. This is no different in children. Children strive to become important figures in their parents’ lives, seeking attention from changing diapers to getting milk. Children grow thinking they can by anything from firefighters to police officers. Children grow up thinking they can be president of a country or an ambassador for a country. Where does all this ambition and drive go when the children get older?


They get shot by parents that had their dreams shot when they were older. It happens when people are told to be real, and focus on reality in their goals and dreams! When you choose to work on your dreams, whether it be something like poetry or a professional wine taster, you need to know what it will take to turn that dream into a reality. After all, why dream about it when you can actually make it a reality that gets recognition? Some art will not get big time pay days, and can be fueled by having a business that generates money that can fuel your dreams. After all, not many people may be able to purchase $23 million dollar homes by tasting wine, and I can assure you can purchase a $23 million dollar home if you have a business that can pay for your expenses, which will also allow you to live your dream of becoming a professional wine taster.


There are plenty of stories of people who decide to do something remarkable in life in order to fuel their dreams. Many Nobel Prize laureates use their earnings to get their home paid off, which is how they choose to spend their money. Many millionaires go off to the islands where they can enjoy life, knowing their business will take care of them. Many entrepreneurs are available to do what they want, which is go traveling around the world, without having to work long boring hours at a job. And many other businessmen are able to give their children the life of their dreams by having them adopt a certain mindset and apply it to life, which leads to them becoming successful.
It is funny that there are so many millionaires in today’s world, and yet, people still say it is not possible. Children dream of becoming great figures in the world, and they end up being shot by “reality”, which is usually something their parents or teachers throw up. It is something that is told by teachers and parents because their dreams have been shot and abandoned. It is hard to start up a business is what many professionals say. Why? Because it takes much time, and it is only meant for the rich and the successful! As you know, this is absolute bologna, because there are plenty of millionaires that started from humble backgrounds that can live the life of their dreams and live life on their own terms! It is not too late for children to achieve their dreams!