New Things Learned in High School

New Things Learned in High School


In high school, I learned many things that are currently crucial to my success. I learned what it meant to become a hard-working student that was supposed to work hard, so I could make the United States of America a stronger and better country. My patriotism meter swelled high, because I knew I was meant to be something. As I continued to grow and watch my patriotism meter swell, I eventually saw it naturally dwindle as I saw my teachers and professors eventually lose enthusiasm for the pride they had for the country. Yes, they were able to say it and speak about patriotism. They just never had that enthusiasm that they were contributing to the world in an impactful way, which is the whole point of living life, to leave it better than it was left.


This type of dreaming is usually left to the big dreamers. As I said in my previous post about becoming something special in high school, I realized that many people end up becoming something small when they grow up. They do not build giant skyscrapers that employ thousands of people or build a plumbing company that employs twenty families and provides life insurance for them. In essence, many people I speak to eventually become small people with small dreams and small realities. These people eventually become something that is not at all admirable or respectable. They become people that just want to suck off of the Social Security nipple.


Many people become successful, and we know that. Many people do become amazing after they graduate high school These people become valedictorians, become doctors, and eventually contribute to society as huge success stories. Many of these so-called special people eventually become the average people of the world who get jealous at all the successful people in the world. We are confident there are many people who believe that going to high school is the only way to secure their future, and I for the most part agree with that. After all, if you do not go to high school, what will you inevitably do with your life? If you do not have a plan or a business plan or something that dictates what you will do with your life, as high school does, then you should stay in school. The last thing you need to do is mess with your future with no signs to guide you on your road trip to who-knows-where.


With many people, I say to follow your heart in a cold business-savvy way. There is no point to drop out of school to become a poet (like rappers, who are poets), just because you want to be a poet. You want to make an impact on the world, correct? If you want to, do it by becoming something in the world and by having a plan that will take you there. Have you ever heard of someone building a house with no plan? You most likely would not live in that house, if it ever got finished at all. We advise you do the same with your life.


If you do not plan with your life, your life will be ruined and will be a waste. Just Google the amount of failures in the world, and it will surprise you. There are many people with potential, and if they do not use it, it will be taken from them and given to those who do have the guts to use it. Why waste your time and your potential when you can use them both? Why live in dreams when you can live in reality? After all, make your dreams a reality, and you will be able to live in both in happiness. As usual, God (Jesus) comes first.