What It Means to Be in High School

High School


High school is a time of huge development and a huge learning experience for those that take the time to become the best they can be. We are confident we will be able to enjoy ourselves in high school, especially since school is basically mandatory. Therefore, we are confident we can spend our time to become better people, better citizens, and future productive citizens of the country or of another country. It is not uncommon for doctors in Europe to practice in Canada or doctors in the United States of America to practice in Europe. Therefore, when we go through high school, we learn how to become better students and citizens than when we came in. We are confident we will be able to give the best students and business owners an entrepreneurs and workers than any other country. After all, the children become the future work force.


What it means to be in high school is to become a better individual. You are supposed to help those who really need help when you are able to earn your own after you go to college or start your business or start working. There are many high school students who make their own path after leaving high school, not following the typical advice of going to college, getting a degree and then working in the labor force. The students who are able to build their own credentials and build their own company from high school are innovators of the future. You can spend your time working for somebody else at a company that was made by someone who could have been a high school student when they started or a person that started it after graduating from college. In essence, an amazing high school student is one that can forge their own path, with or without going to college.


How so? You do not have to be a rebel and not go to college to become someone special. You can spend your time going to college, networking with those who have goals and visions like you, and then make something bigger than you may have gotten if you spent your time going at it alone from high school. Even some great inventors went to college for a few years and then dropped out to become independent companies after they networked with the right people while at college. This is what we mean when we say that people can actually forge their own path without having to abandon college right out of high school. Sometimes it is necessary to go to college, so you can get the network you need to become and independent and successful company with people that could grow and expand with you. After all, you may not have been able to meet the team that you have if you decided to go at it straight from high school without college. It is by this that we mean that one can be successful and be an outlier with or without going to college. There is also one more story to tell of people that can become something even while going to college.


That type of person is the one that completes college, forms a company, and then becomes a success. It also applies to those that make a company in college or have one while entering college, finish college (and do not drop out) and have the company become successful after college. This goes to those that can build a company and are able to make the grades to become an outstanding student. This means they get great grades and then shine to have an amazing company. This does not mean they are better than those who chose not to spend their years in college. It means they chose to stay in college and finish what they started, which was  college. Many did not need to finish college and still would have had a successful company. Some wanted to network while staying in college to have more of a power team. Some wanted to have the network that college would bring if they were to stay. Some stay in college because their power team wants to finish college. This may be because the power team needs to finish college for their own self worth, because their parents would refuse to fund their business goals until they had a degree as a last resort, or because they need to finish what they started. Therefore, it is possible to become a successful entrepreneur while graduating from college.


This is by no means exclusive. There are plenty of in-betweens that could occur, and this emphasizes the three main differences. There are those who go rugged to become amazing citizens and entrepreneurs with only a high school education, those who graduate from high school, go to college and dropout and then have a successful company, and those who graduate from high school and college and then have a successful company. This is only three of the many possibilities that can occur when you have a successful high school student.


There are many people that end up becoming successful and amazing workers as they graduate high school, then college, and then join the work force of the business owners and entrepreneurs.


In fact, a plumber that we know started his plumbing company after high school and became a successful one. It is called J. Woods Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.


If a plumber could end up becoming a successful entrepreneur after leaving high school, then it may occur for those that have similar dreams or hope to work in similar trades. It is not meant for those who are faint of heart, because you have to overcome many barriers and problems. We are confident we can give you the information you need to make an intellectual decision to become the best you can be. We hope that you find the information you need to become a better person. This is why we give this information, because there is an entrepreneur amongst all the high school students that read this article.